Tuesday, January 28, 2014

More Great FireChaser Express Construction Photos

Dollywood has added some more construction photos of FireChaser Express to the ride's official website, and boy oh boy - the ride is looking so fantastic!  The shot above shows the ride's entire layout, with landscaping and theming well underway.  I know a lot of people were sad to see Adventure Mountain have to leave... but looking at this view might make a lot of those people feel pretty okay with the decision!

FireChaser Express' station is really coming together as well.  Technically named the Wilderness Pass Volunteer Fire Department's Station #7, trains will blast out of the opening you see above to start the ride.  The small section of track after the family-friendly launch leads trains to climb the coaster's traditional lift hill.

The coaster has plenty of twists and turns, but I think what is seen here is one of the larger drops to be found on the layout.  This drop takes place after the lift hill, I love how there's a pre-drop and high banked turn that leads into the plunge.  I also spy some very interesting supports that allow the track to pass over a maintenance road!

This is Crazy Charlie's Gas & Fireworks Emporium, and also serves as the starting point for the coaster's backwards launch.  There should be plenty of special effects that take place when the train stops here... you can also get a feel for that by looking at the partially destroyed walls going up.

There's more photos of the ride to be seen on the FireChaser Express website!  All photos are © Dollywood.