Sunday, January 19, 2014

Heide Park Showing Off Newly Named B&M Wing Coaster

Germany's Heide Park has finally given their brand new B&M Wing Coaster a name : Flug der Damonen, or Flight of the Demons.  Sounds pretty menacing, but fits nicely with the dark theming that we've seen applied to the ride so far.

The coaster has been testing and a new video of that has also been released:

The ride's seven car trains look to fly over that first speed hill, but then slow down considerably in all the other elements.  No way to know if the train is up to full speed yet, though, so I will reserve judgement on that front until the ride is open to the public.

Regardless of speed the multiple 'near-miss' elements that have been included in Flight of the Demons look wonderful, and are sure to have plenty of riders ducking along the way.