Monday, January 6, 2014

Disney Shares a Look at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

© Disney
A new video, published on the Disney Parks Blog, has given fans a fresh new look at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - the last major attraction yet to open as part of the New Fantasyland in Florida's Magic Kingdom theme park.

The video focuses on the detailed work that has gone into painting and theming the unique trains for the family roller coaster.  Above is one of several theming options designed for the cars.  Between these different options and unique paint schemes, the cars of the Mine Train will all be different from one another.

© Disney
Here's a look at the finished product, minus the restraints of course.  The trains are also unique in that they will swing independently as they head around the track.  The video actually shows some brief on-ride footage of them in action, though it was dark out when filmed so there aren't a lot of details.  There's also a short look at some of the indoor sections of the ride, though they cut off the clip before the good stuff!

Check out the full video: