Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Miracle Strip Park Showing off Progress

© Miracle Strip
Miracle Strip at Pier Park has officially closed... but that's because the move to the park's new 14 acre home has begun!  And things are coming together very quickly, above is a photo from a few days ago showing off moved and new rides already in place on the new site.

When completed and opened in April, 2014, the new Miracle Strip at Pier Park will feature "9 New Rides, a Water Playground, games and a complete selection of food items from unique food vendors including the best corndogs in FL, gourmet hamburgers, exotic tacos from Gourmet by the Bay, Fresh Catch Seafood, Gyro King, 3 Brothers Pizza, gourmet French Crepes & Brown Cow Ice Cream."  Sounds both fun and yummy to me!

New rides keep being announced for the new park as well, recently the developers revealed that a Trabant had been purchased for the property.  A Trabant was the ride that was located inside Dante's Inferno at the original park, though this one will be outside.

© Miracle Strip
The park has also been refurbishing and painting the RipTide Galaxy roller coaster, seen above are the bright yellow track pieces looking ready to go.  The supports for the coaster will be red, making RipTide stand out visually at the park.

There's just under four months left until the new park will open just a few hundred feet down the road from their original location.  I'm excited to see more of the construction take place, the finished product is sure to be a wonderful place for families in the area to gather and play.