Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lake Compounce Announces Property Expansion for 2014

Continuing the trend of expanding the park we've seen in the past few years, Lake Compounce has announced the addition of a brand new camping resort, named Bear Creek Campground.  With the addition of overnight accommodations visitors will no longer need to leave the property when the park closes, which will greatly add to the experience of visiting the amusement and water park.

© Lake Compounce
Bear Creek Campground will feature areas for tents, spaces for RVs and cabins that can be rented.  Even better those staying in the campground will have access to discounted tickets to Lake Compounce.  The facility will have all the amenities needed for a camping experience; a 24 hour shower/rest room facility, laundry room, and a general store for anything campers might need.

This news story points out that the addition will take up 15 wooded acres and will be located adjacent to the parking area, conveniently close to the park's entrance.  Plans for Bear Creek Campground include 30 tent sites, 56 RV sites, and 20 of the cabins seen above.  If the area is a hit there's already plenty of expansion space being eyed by park managers.

Lake Compounce has spent the past few seasons greatly expanding their Crocodile Cove water park, adding more slides and a large wave pool.