Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weekly Rewind 1.7.12

Test Track at Epcot will be slightly reimagined while it is closed for a good part of the year.  General Motors has renewed their sponsorship, and it sounds like major changes to the queue and post show area will take place during the renovations.

After being offered for sale by Adrenaline Family Entertainment, Alabama Adventure has been sold to a company created by former owners of the park.  An expansion oriented toward families is already being planned for the water park, which is a major draw for the property.

Cedar Fair had a busy week, announcing record attendance (23.4 million) and also a new board member, Tom Klein.  Congratulations to the chain on their record year!

Care to take a spin on a swing ride located in the middle of a nuclear cooling tower?  Well, it is important to know that the nuclear plant never went online, so Wunderland Kalkar is perfectly safe.  They have plenty of rides, restaurants, and other activities on site.  Wild!

One More Disney Day is both the name of a new marketing promotion and what you get on February 29th at Disney Parks.  On both coasts parks will stay open 24 hours in celebration of the leap year.

Reading is fundamental.  If it wasn't you would be on this website, now would you?  That's why Six Flags Great Adventure encourages teachers to take part in their Read to Succeed program - where readers can earn a free ticket!

Dollywood's Wild Eagle is going to make yet another impression on guests when they arrive at the entrance, greeted by a metal Eagle sculpture with a 48 foot wingspan!  For a video on the art piece, and some recent station shots, visit the Wild Eagle website.

Looks like the massive footer for WindSeeker at Carowinds is just about done - that means vertical construction can start soon! Kings Dominon is a bit further behind, but still making nice progress.

Vertical construction, finally!  X-Flight at Six Flags Great America has started to go up.  Unlike most Bolliger and Mabillard rides, this one isn't being built station first, rather supports for the end of the first drop and middle of the ride are in place.