Tuesday, January 3, 2012

An Amusing First Day on the Job

The day has arrived - today marks the last day that Richard Kinzel is the CEO of Cedar Fair.  Starting tomorrow, Matt Ouimet will officially start his job as the Chief Executive Officer of the company, though he's technically been working for six months now.

Do you think he's nervous?  I doubt it, since he's already had quite an extensive history in the amusement park field, having come to Cedar Fair with a background from Disney Parks and Resorts.

And just what will that experience produce while he's leading Cedar Fair?  It would appear as though Mr. Ouimet's changes should be felt quite soon, and he plans to embrace technology through a makeover of park websites, to help with planning and the in-park experience.  He also seems keen on focusing on the family part of the amusement park visitor equation, though that's not a new idea by any stretch of the imagination.

Still, how far his plans of attracting families will go could be interesting to watch.  Could dark rides make a return at Cedar Fair parks?  Would Mr. Ouimet rather spend an extra million on theming rather than more coaster track?  Burning questions, I know, and I'm exciting to watch things play out.

But as for his first day at work, we wish him good luck!