Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Voyage Gets Some TLC at Holiday World

Often calling someone or something "high maintenance" is a negative, but perhaps in the case of Holiday World's Voyage it's a positive attribute.  In this situation the massive wooden coaster does indeed require quite a bit of upkeep, but that also gives the park the ability to take a look at the larger picture and make changes to keep the ride as fun - and intense- as ever.

Such is the case with this off-season, where the Voyage is getting some major work done, including the rebuilding of the first two drop pull-outs, and totally rebuilding a section of the ride's turnaround.  It's pretty neat of Holiday World to share a video like this, which lets all of the park's 'super fans' be in the know on the ride's changes.

Plus, there's even a nice update on the progress of using Timberliners on the coaster!  Sounds like a one-of-a-kind solution was needed for the trains, and there is now a chance they could run in 2012.