Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Cedar Fair Websites Debut

After announcing some months ago that they were pairing up with Accesso in order to update websites and online ticketing, Cedar Fair has made good on their promise. Today several of the chain's parks debuted new websites, including Kings Island, Knott's Berry Farm and Canada's Wonderland.

The sites have been given a slick new appearance, but it seems that a lot of the content offered on the new sites is the same as on the previous ones. For instance, Kings Island has always had a very detailed website, and it continues to be in its new form - full of pictures, fun facts, a blog, etc.

The opposite is also true, Knott's Berry Farm's website was always very light on details, photos, and other media, and continues to be - something I've long found odd as they are competing in the rather crowded Southern California market.

On both the changes that Accesso brought to the table are clear, the online ticketing portion of the sites is quite different and now more modern.

The plan is for all the parks to have new websites by the time they open for the 2012 season.