Monday, January 16, 2012

New Drool-Worthy Leviathan Photos

© Canada's Wonderland

Well Canada's Wonderland, thanks for making it easy to shrug off any potential oncoming case of the Mondays with the above photo!  It's hard to feel down where something like that is staring you in the face!

I know, I know, we've seen 300+ foot tall rides before.  There's just something about Leviathan's structure that gets me when photographed from an angle such as this.  And take notice of the small piece of hill on the far right - that's only the ride's third large hill - it really gives a sense of just how much acreage this ride covers!

The park has been taking their time finishing the ride's Hammerhead turnaround, which is only half complete in these new photos.  From there only one more speed hill, a medium sized airtime hill, and a diving turn are needed to complete the circuit.


Bryan said...

I like how the brake run is taller than Dragon Fire. That alone shows how massive Leviathan is!