Friday, January 27, 2012

Hawaiian Falls Roanoke Announces Even More Expansion

Hawaiian Falls Roanoke is proud to be debuting the world's first Double BowlsEye water slide in 2012, a $1.55 million attraction that is sure to make headlines when it opens.

Part of an overall investment of $7.8 million in the Hawaiian Falls chain of parks for the 2012 season, the new ride is without a doubt going to be a thriller.

The ride will launch two separate two-person rafts simultaneously in opposite directions from a 60 foot tall starting point.  Both rafts plummet down a twisting enclosed slide, complete with a light show inside the tubes. 

The rafts then plunge back into daylight as they enter a giant bowl and race each other around, exiting into their own unique porthole and down to the finish line.  This new slide tower comes in addition to a previously announced addition to the same park, Cyclone Fury.  That tower complex will feature four separate slides, and cost an estimated $1.6 million.

The Double BowlsEye slide will be provided by SplashTacular, creator of of 1,000 water park attractions in their colorful history.