Thursday, January 5, 2012

1994 MGM Grand Adventures Souvenir Map

When it rains it pours, and after our recent interview with Rick Bastrup on designing several of MGM Grand Adventures' rides I got my hands on another gem - a 1994 souvenir map from the park.

The whole gang was ready to welcome visitors to the park!  I've cut the large image into four parts so that some detail comes though when you click on the images for larger versions.  This section is quite dominated by the Grand Canyon Rapids attraction, showing off the various thematic elements that the boats passed by.

In the upper right corner we have Over the Edge, the park's log flume.  Moving clockwise we enter the Salem Waterfront, which featured the Haunted Mine dark ride.  Crossing a bridge across the lagoon guests entered New Orleans Street to the Magic Screen Theatre and the Cotton Blossom riverboat restaurant.  Tubleweed Gulch is in the lower left, containing the theater for "You're In The Movies" and a special events area.

French Street starts us off in this piece, an extremely small themed area basically consisting only of the Parisian Taxis bumper car rides.  The Backlot River Tour, technically a part of the Asian Village area, took up a lot of real estate in the upper right corner.  The Lightning Bolt indoor coaster's building can be see bottom right, and Deep Earth Exploration, still listed as "Coming in 1994" in toward the bottom left.

The final piece of the map is the entrance area, where guests entered the park from the hotel.  The Casablanca Plaza served as a greeting, with typical park entrance amenities.  The park's 'main street' of sorts was the New York Street, complete with a bustling city street.  Another small area of the park, one without an real attraction, Olde England Street, can be see on the upper left.