Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Detailing Fun Spot Orlando's Expansion

Fun Spot, which previously announced that they were expanding their Orlando park by 10 acres, has gone to the city planning commission (follow link for current agenda) with their formal plan. There are some interesting surprises along the way, and some great details about what's being planned.

It seems the park is planning the expansion in two phases.  The first will contain a new wooden roller coaster, additional parking, a 260 foot Sky Coaster and other rides and midways.  The second phase will include a suspended family coaster, a WindSeeker and the water park.

Here's a fantastic look at the 65 foot tall wooden roller coaster, said to be being designed by Great Coasters International.  There's two things that jump out right away - a steel structure which hearkens back to the CCI days of wooden coasters and the fact that it is an out-and-back design.

Zooming in a little, even more details are shown.  That turn after the first drop screams GCI with it's banking.  I like how the ride crosses over itself on the return run, too - while it's definitely different from GCI's usual designs, it still has their touch.

A phase two project is this family inverted roller coaster.  After staring it for a while it seemed familiar - looks to be a clone of Grona Lund's Kvasten, a Vekoma ride.  The planning document lists this coaster as only 20 feet high, but I think they might mean in meters, since Kvasten is 65 feet tall.

And then there's this, yes, a WindSeeker outside of a Cedar Fair park!  This is also a phase two ride, one of Mondial's smaller versions that stands 220 feet in height - and also features two ride carriages!  I kid, I know that's just for illustration purposes, but it looks odd.

Finally, here is the layout of the new Fun Spot park when all expansions are complete only without the water park area detailed.  That expansion was previously detailed by the park, however.

This is a pretty exciting transformation for the park!  What was once really a large entertainment area will now really be an amusement park with plenty of modern rides and attractions.  I can't wait to see the construction start - the planning board recommended approval, with city counsel as the next step.