Thursday, January 12, 2012

Six Flags Projects Moving Right Along

© Six Flags New England

This has to be one of the worst times of the year, so cold and Spring seems so far away!  Happily, this also doubles as the time when we get to watch many park projects rise toward the sky, beckoning us to come try them out when nice weather returns. 

Such is true at Six Flags New England.  Goliath, the park's massive Inverted Boomerang coaster, has reached a milestone with the first supports in place.  Seen above, bright blue supports are now sticking out of the muddy construction site.

More photos of the recent progress have been shared by the park as well.

© Six Flags America

If there were any lingering questions on exactly what colors the track for Six Flags America's Apocalypse were going to be, this should put those to rest.  The track rails and ties will be a nice orange color, with a cool gray spine.  Set atop what I think will be very dark, if not black, supports, this will be one poppin' paint job.

This photo, along with a few new ones that have been shared, show that the park is making substantial progress on the ride.  From the look of it, the footer pouring process is nearing the end, and we all know that means vertical construction isn't far off!