Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Coaster Part Sightings

With construction already well underway for as-yet unannounced 2012 additions, both Hersheypark and Dollywood have started to receive ride parts for what would appear to be new coasters!

The sweetest place in the world just started to receive some pretty light blue supports yesterday.  Keystone Thrills was on the scene and has some photos of the delivery.  I can't wait to see what track color will compliment those nice looking supports!

And speaking of them... they pretty much scream Intamin to me, don't you think?

Dolly's got something big cooking for Dollywood in 2012, too.  The park has been working on a new ride since early Spring, and now things are really kicking into high gear.  A huge area is being cleared for the attraction, and from some reports it sounds like footers are already going in.

If you check out this thread on RCPro, you can get a glimpse of some blue track and tan supports that also just started to show up.  Much to many folks' delight, the parts are very, very B&M-ish in appearance.  Trucks carrying these items have also been spotted in the area, giving even more clear views of the deliveries.

Can't wait to see what the park has up their sleeves!


Randydorney said...

I agree with Mike! This looks like Itamin coaster type ride.

The color theme looks great and about similar to Dorney's new coaster color theme. Coincidence? humm...naw! :P

Can't wait! :D :)