Thursday, June 9, 2011

Six Flags America's Skull Mountain Set For Final Voyage

Six Flags America has announced that the park's unique flume ride, Skull Mountain, will be taking its final passengers during a farewell celebration running June 11th through July 10, 2011 at the park.

“For more than a decade, guests at Six Flags America have been thrilled and inspired by Skull Mountain, giving them the feeling of joining a one-of-a-kind pirates’ voyage in Maryland’s favorite theme park,” said John Winkler, Six Flags America park president. “It’s a piece of history for Six Flags America and we feel it’s fitting to give it one last stand.”

During the celebration, a boat from the ride will be placed on the midway offering guests a unique photo opportunity.  July 9th and 10th will see a Pirate Festival held at the park, complete with pirate makeovers for guests and entertainment from the cast of the park's Blundering Buccaneers stunt show.

Skull Mountain was initially introduced at Six Flags America in 1997, and was then known as the Typhoon Sea Coaster.  An Intamin design, the ride featured a seven story plunge along with several turntables and dark sections.  Six Flags America will hold a last-rider auction with the proceeds benefiting the National Roller Coaster Museum, and will donate one of the ride's boats to the museum as well.

As for the ride's removal, Six Flags America is already saying that the space it occupied will be used for a 2012 attraction.  Mum's the word at this point on what will be added. When queried about next season the park answered that they are "focusing on giving Skull Mountain the send-off it deserves and will reveal more information about 2012 at a later time."

Skull Mountain's real estate is located in the center of the Maryland theme park, so I'm sure whatever the park has up their sleeves will be worth the wait!


Ron Vance said...

Heaven forbid that Six Flags would keep a unique attracton with an actual theme.