Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Renaissance of Sylvan Beach

Sylvan Beach Amusement Park in central NY has a wonderful collection of classic amusement rides and games, including the Galaxi Coaster. For this season, the park is adding a special touch of atmosphere. Twelve interactive characters from the 1940s will welcome, entertain, and interact with park-goers throughout the season, and a 1946 Chevrolet taxicab will help round out the theme.

According to this article, owner Doug Waterbury said, "the new 1940s theme reflects on a time when opportunity and industry were booming in the area, and complements the architecture and old-timey feel of the community."

The park's website also highlights the debut of a Himalaya attraction this year, following the 2009 addition of "The Screamer," a high-speed, thrilling boat ride on the park's Oneida Lake. The owners will make continual improvements during these upcoming seasons, and have high hopes for the future of the park.


Rian said...

Looks like they're taking a cue from Disney's Hollywood Studios, with their streetmosphere cast... :). good move!