Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Scott And Carol Present Riders Take Flight At Six Flags Over Georgia

Dare Devil Dive, the newest coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia brings out the inner test pilot in you. Bringing the park's coaster count to 11, this treats 6 riders at a time to a flight-like experience.

Each of the cars have 3 rows of 2 seats and the row are staggered both horizontally and vertically. Similar to aircraft, each car has its own individual nose art.

With a vertical lift chain the riders rapidly rise 100 feet skyward. The swift ascent gives riders a great view of the clouds, a keeps them unaware of how high they are before the first drop.

There's little time to catch your breath before diving down the 95 degree beyond vertical drop. With just lap bars, some riders have a little gasp as they plunge toward the ground, quickly accelerating to about 52 mph.

Riders are sent plunging through the mist, surrounded by fire-themed elements, on the first drop.

The short cars easily transverse the twists and turns of the track, in spooky silence. The over 2000 feet of track fits in an incredibly small space.

Dare Devil Dive inverts riders three times. The extraordinarily smooth ride feels like you are soaring through the air, instead of being attached to the steel track.

The lap bars are the first installation on these types of cars. They make you feel at one with the sky!

The theming includes a replica air traffic control tower that you duplicate the fly by made famous by Maverick in "Top Gun."

Riders experience close encounters with air racing pylons, topped with authentic windsocks. No wind to be had during this ERT for the Southeast Region ACE Spring Fling event.

Riders dive into a mist filled tunnel, themed as a aircraft hanger.

Here's a good overhead view of the car from ground level. One of Dare Devil Dives two airtime hills is in the foreground.

Even the ride safety regulations are themed. Strategic placement of the sign incorporates the moving coaster as part of the information experience. With a 48" height limit, entire families can fly together on the new coaster. This custom track layout is not intimidating but instead exhilarating. A good choice to add to the coaster collection at Six Flags Over Georgia.


gator said...

Absolutely agree on ride restraints, theming - love the ride. Smooth yet intense, and most of all, FUN!

My only real concern is capacity, but the park seems to have worked that out by assigning ride times, which worked VERY well for us on Memorial Day.