Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Time For A Beach Party!

WhiteWater West is proud to do a little bragging about Beach Party at Michigan's Adventure, and rightfully so - just look at the geyser!  Here's a release from the company:

"Richmond, Canada (June 8, 2011) - It's Beach Party time at Michigan's Adventure Park! Beach Party is the first waterpark attraction to debut WhiteWater's gigantic water geyser feature that erupts high above its AquaPlay RainFortress multi-level interactive structure.

At the height of the geyser's eruption, this newest and coolest AquaPlay feature surges water up 95 feet in the air from a three-dimensional, custom-themed lighthouse! The explosion of water then splashes down to an eruption of laughter and squeals, as guests get drenched below.

The custom beach-themed AquaPlay RainFortress bursts with over 150 play elements including a large tipping bucket, dozens of interactive spray jets, water guns, net bridges, and 8 waterslides that cater to kids of all ages."