Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dorney Park 6.11.11 Update

Not too much going on at Dorney Park that's different since they started their season, but after a stroll through the park there's a few things to share.

A new retail location, Peanut Gallery, has opened.  This has been a merchandise location for years, but changed name and theme often.  It's now a second place in the park to get tons of Peanut merchandise, in addition to the Snoopy Boutique.

The Monster has basically disappeared from the park!

As you can see, the ride has been completely disassembled, down to the very base of the ride.  I haven't heard any reason why, but the arms of the ride are near the entrance to the park, and I spotted the cars and other parts from Steel Force, lying in the maintenance area.

The Vault laser maze has also opened.  I wonder if employees can open an account at Cedar Savings & Loan? I kid, I kid.

Talon is looking for its 10 millionth rider, and I believe the park may have found them yesterday.  There were some big cakes out and some employees looking ready to have a celebration once the turnstile clicked to the magic number.

Finally, not much change on the site of the new for 2012 attraction. They've cleared out a little more of the former kiddie rides, some new construction fencing is up here and there, but that's about it. Perhaps more heavy construction will begin soon.

We'll keep things updated as the Summer goes on!