Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bayern Park Finishing Work On Freischutz

I haven't touched on this story since the ride was announced last year, but the new Maurer launched X-Car ride at Germany's Bayern Park is looking great!  When the ride was announced the concept drawings had me thinking it would be larger than it is - but that's actually a good surprise.  The tight twists and turns of this ride have it looking forceful in just the right way.

This style of ride could fit in at so many North America parks, I have to wonder why more rides like this haven't sprung up.  Maurer's largest ride in the U.S. is Universal Studios Florida's Rockit, along with some spinning coasters and Magic Springs' X-Coaster.  Maurer's designs all look pretty impressive, though I can't speak from personal experience.  Still, if they give a good ride I'd love to see some go up in our neck of the woods!