Monday, June 6, 2011

Expansion On SeaWorld's Horizon

The Orlando Sentinel ran a great piece on SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, the parent company to the Busch Gardens and SeaWorld parks, as well as several other attractions.  The company is pushing out the boundaries of their typical operations, and including new ventures such as a film company, SeaWorld Pictures, and looking into possibly adding hotels at some properties.  A new park somewhere in Asia is also mentioned, though far from confirmed.

SeaWorld Parks also just announced a separate gate water park for the Sea World San Antonio park, modeled after their successful Aquatica in Florida.

Possibly of most interest to us is that the company is moving toward making some of their parks resorts in addition to outstanding theme parks.  The article doesn't say which parks are being considered, but the confidence behind a decision to build a hotel is always good sign.  The article also mentions possible expansions to some of the smaller parks in the chain, like Discovery Cove (which has a huge new area this year), and even Sesame Place.

It's definitely a good read and points to a bright future for the company.