Monday, May 30, 2011

With Summer Comes New Rides!

How sweet is the inside of the station for Canobie Lake's new Untamed coaster?  I love the deer antler chandeliers, too - a perfect fit for the theme of the ride.  The coaster currently has a targeted opening day of June 11th.

WindSeeker at Knott's Berry Farm is now well on its way up to the sky.  The ride has a drastically different paint job than it's brethren at the other Cedar Fair parks - and I have to say I like this one better!

Martin's Fantasy Island is excited to soon open its two new rides for the 2011 season.  Above is the Devil's Hole, a ride that will spin and literally stick riders to the wall!  The other attraction, Mind Warp, is a wild looking ride that should keep riders flipping and spinning all summer long.