Monday, May 2, 2011

Dorney Park 2011 Opening: Other Changes

Even with an entire new land for families, there were still plenty of other changes to see at Dorney Park. Here's some notable ones.

Invertigo track is still sitting in the parking lot, so the park certainly isn't trying to hide it.  In fact, cars are forced to drive next to it when heading to the parking booths!  According to the news, the park wants to announce the 2012 ride in July.

This photo was in with the Planet Snoopy coverage, but it's worth pointing out again.  Now the park's only children's coaster (whereas last year they had 3), Woodstock Express now has a bright blue and yellow paint scheme.  Since the Berenstain Bear tree house was torn down, the ride also had its own souvenir photo stand built.

With the opening of Planet Snoopy, the former Tot Spot at the lower end of the park has been removed.  Above is a view of one part of that area, which used to have three rides.  The large umbrella is where one of them was.

This is the same section from the other side.  The basketball game was moved from just down the midway where it used to sit near Laser's entrance.  In the middle is a ladder climb game, which was housed in this structure:

Still a work in progress, this pavilion was one totally open, and has been enclosed and painted.  A sign shows that it will be named The Vault, and will be a laser maze.  I'm pretty sure it will be very similar to this type of maze when it opens.

2012 coverage time.  The area where Laser once stood is now the far end of the park, for this year at least.

There is a sign, though!  Bigger thrills are coming in 2012.

No detective work necessary to see into the area - from the bridge across the creek you can get a clean view.  The kiddie rides have been removed, but not much else is up at this point.

There are a couple of survey markers in the area, but that's about it.  I wouldn't be surprised to see work take place during the Summer season here.

If you're not from the greater Philly area then Chickie's & Pete's won't mean much to you.  If you've heard of them then you already know about their Crab Fries.  They've taken over what was a Samuel Adams patio last year, and prior to that an unused space for numerous seasons.

Last year Talon's supports were painted, and I hoped the track would get some love this year - no luck with that.  Steel Force did get a new coat of paint, though, and she's looking good again in her 15th season!

Finally, the Good Time Theatre will be showing Snoopy's Big Bow Wow this year, the first new ice show at the park since the theatre opened in 2009.  Both Knott's and Cedar Point have had this show in the past.