Friday, May 13, 2011

Allentown's Just Brimming With Coaster Track

If you happen to be taking a leisurely drive around Allentown, PA, you just might get a glimpse of some used coaster track getting some tender loving care.  One of our readers was doing just that, and happened to send in some interesting shots.

Ahh yes, perhaps not the prettiest shot of Allentown, but relevant to us nonetheless.  Sure looks an awful lot like that track from a park in California that's been floating around the country.  The supports look a refreshed shade of blue, too, but we'll get to that.

A weird, almost depressing shot.  The bridge and the track make for an eerie eye shape.  Perhaps this will become a giant coaster track-bridge transformer type creature.  Hey, they did film the opening of Transformers 2 in neighboring Bethlehem!

Alright enough of that.  Visitors to the parking lot of a local indoor grand prix get quite a surprise when they glance over into the neighboring business' parking lot!  Looks like that track from California has a shiny new paint job.

I'd call it teal.  Or aqua, perhaps turquoise or cyan, but it's definitely more blue than green.  I like it!

Now for those supports - they look fresh and new as well, enough for me to take it that they are their 'new' color, which is quite similar to their old color.  So there you have it - Allentown's new teal and royal blue coaster.