Monday, May 30, 2011

Dinosaurs Alive Open At Kings Islands

This past week Kings Island opened the world's largest animatronic dinosaur park, aptly named Dinosaurs Alive!

"The multi-sensory and interactive dinosaur park brings inspiration, science and technology together at Kings Island where guests also hear the sounds and see the movements of 60-plus full-sized animatronic creations made to replicate nearly every feature of the dinosaurs. Each of the animatronic dinosaurs is hand-carved and covered with skin-like materials."

The area, which required a separate $5 admission fee, features six main displays along the path, which is over 4,000 feet long and spread out over 12.5 acres.  The park describes the "long-term investment" as something that compliments the other rides and attractions offered, but with a distinct educational side as well.  Retail and food locations are included in the area, along with interactive learning elements.

Kings Island has a full website up for Dinosaurs Alive! where you can find out much more about the area and its dino inhabitants.