Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What Is Old Is New At Worlds Of Fun

It is nice to see an in-depth article on something as "bland" as a new (old) carousel.  I say bland not because it is my opinion, but not much seems to make the news these days unless it involves some sort of horrid crime!

Regardless, the article I'm speaking of was published by the Kansas City Star, and takes a look at the classic Illions carousel that's almost ready to open at Worlds of Fun.  The story takes a look at some of the debated facts of the ride, which will have its grand opening on May 28th at the theme park.

It previously operated at Geauga Lake until the park closed several years ago.  The ride has undergone a complete restoration and will now take riders on a leisurely spin at Worlds of Fun, hopefully for many years to come.