Saturday, May 28, 2011

Scott And Carol Present A Watery Blast From Alabama's Adventure

Alabama Adventure opened their new ride on 5/27/2011. Custom designed to blend into the
hillside, riders are lifted 5 stories to the tops of the trees.

A unique sign directs riders to the entrance, complete with fake rust and the new logo.

The ribbon was cut with a chainsaw, ably wielded by General Manager EJ Randolph, assisted by Alisha Rohan, Promotions Manager.

The inaugural boatload of riders, 20 per boat, with 2 boats total. Lots of screaming was heard as some of the riders remembered an important meeting in the near future.

That is City Councilman Jesse Matthes and com padre Council Woman Donna Thigpen gamely realizing their next meeting was with a wall of water that exceeds the height of the lift hill when the boat is fully loaded. According to their expressions, that realization is just becoming apparent.

Another way for guests to cool off is to stand on the exit bridge and wait for the water to reach them after the drop. When you stand on the bridge however, you don't get the thrill of the drop.

After the boat emerged from the mist, many accusations were heard as to allegedly who was screaming and who wasn't. Despite all of the finger pointing, the exact facts remain unclear. What was clear however, Buzzsaw Falls is a thrilling way to cool off on a hot Alabama Adventure day.

Designed with wood supports instead of steel, Buzzsaw Falls imparts a rather rustic look to a very modern ride.

Here you can see the view from the Giant Wheel that accentuates how the ride is blended into the park. But if you sit down on the opposite side of Celebration Street, you can see the splash rise above the buildings. This makes it easy to find from that whole side of the park.

So that is the latest from Alabama's Adventure, another airtime attraction to reduce the heat stress but raise the adrenaline levels for their guests. The Exclusive Ride Time for the Season Pass holders was well attended, with lots of excited riders feeling they weren't quite wet enough, and rejoining the line to get completely soaked.


NewsPlusNotes said...

I love the look of these rides with the wooden supports! A nice addition to the park.