Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rejected Amusements: El Bumpo at Magic Mountain and XK-1 at Knott's Berry Farm

Debuting with the park in 1971, El Bumpo was a unique Magic Mountain ride. It's notable for being the only Arrow bumper boat ride ever built. Not in the original plans for the park, the ride was added at a late stage in development to add more family rides.

The gas-powered boats were contained in a large pool. Boats traveled at a less-than-fun speed in the pool, and guests frequently complained about fumes from the motors that escaped out the back of the boats.

By 1979, the ride was removed and scrapped. Today, this area of the park is known as Bugs Bunny World.

XK-1, Knott's Berry Farm's Intamin Flight Trainer, was added to the park in 1990. Riders controlled their own two-seat spinning car attached to moving arms, while the ride itself lifted off the ground.

The ride initially stuck out in the park's Roaring 20's section. The surrounding area would later be known as "Knott's Airfield," before transforming into The Boardwalk.

A 1991 accident on a similar ride at King's Island in Ohio forced changes to the ride's programming. An intoxicated woman fell out of the ride, and changes were made to the ride's handling of joystick that controlled the spinning motion on the cars. Hanging up-side down was no longer possible after these modifications.

In 1997, Cedar Fair purchased Knott's Berry Farm, and the XK-1 was removed. It's replacement, Supreme Scream (an S&S space shot tower), opened the following year.


Ryan said...

SO basically an inverting WindSeeker

Unknown said...

Actually, Mystic Lake was in the front of the park where Hurricane Harbor is today. The El Bumpo ride was part of the lagoon that was located on the backside of the park. It was somewhere between Apocalypse and the Action Theatre.

Unknown said...

Here's a link to where you can see the 1971 Magic Mountain park map (it wasn't bought by Six Flags for several more years). The lagoon and El Bumpo ride were actually on the backside of the mountain.

The Coaster Guy