Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Discovery Kingdom Losses Baby Walrus

Sad news today from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom where the park's Walrus Uquq (pronounced ook ook) gave birth to a still born walrus calf. The park had every indication leading up to the birth that they would have the 12th walrus ever born into captivity. Unfortunately when Uquq gave birth, the calf was already dead.

Siku (left) with Uquq (right) at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Having personally worked for the park for many years and making countless trips to the Walrus Experience exhibit, my heart goes out to the park and their animal staff. I can't say enough about the animal staff at that park and their devotion to the well being of all the animals, who are really treated as part of their own families. The staff is working with Uquq to ensure her health after this tragic occurrence. You can read more here.