Thursday, May 19, 2011

Green Lantern: First Flight Track Work Complete

Well that was quick! Six Flags Magic Mountain recently finished track work on their new coaster Green Lantern: First Flight. The park posted several photos to their facebook of the last piece of track being installed. I know it's a small coaster, but Magic Mountain really moved quick on getting this one up after the project seemed to drag on and on just getting started. The new Intamin coaster will become the second 4D coaster in the United States when it opens this summer, and ironically it will be the second at the park as well though it does promise to be quite the different experience from X2.

The park also posted a video of the final piece being moved into place which you can watch here. The park is on track to open the coaster this June if all goes well and personally I cannot wait to get down to Southern California to ride it!