Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Darien Lake Welcomes Thomas and Friends

Under the new management of Herschend Family Entertainment, Darien Lake has some exciting new show offerings for the whole family this season.

Thomas the Tank Engine will make his Darien Lake debut in a brand new production called ‘Thomas and Friends: Full Steam Ahead Live," an interactive show about friends and determination. The Thomas show is one of six live productions at the park this year, including "Sea Lion Splash," "Jump, Jive, and Swing," and "Legends of Rock."

This impressive lineup is also complemented by great concerts including Jordin Sparks and Miranda Cosgrove. From the perspective of a past theme park performer, I'm thrilled to see the park investing so much in live shows, especially at a time when this department is one of the first to be cut. Way to go Darien Lake!

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NewsPlusNotes said...

Thomas is out at Six Flags, in at Herschend! I know it's licensed separately but it's still sorta funny.