Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What's Alton Towers Up To?

So Alton Tower Theme Park is removing their Corkscrew roller coaster, and rumors are swirling about the replacement coaster that's said to be on the way.

The European Coaster Club just posted a layout that is said to be what the park has planned for the former Corkscrew's place. See the layout at this link. It's being called "Secret Weapon 6," and rumored to open in 2010.

It almost looks like a Premier ride, doesn't it? I heard that Premier has some projects lined up but unannounced as well, so that could make sense. I'm only saying that though because of the direction switches that the layout features.

And while it can't be proven the layout is real, the ECC has been publishing layouts for years now of rides that are no where near ready to be announced and always been dead on.

To our friendly European readers: what do you guys think the park is planning?


Unknown said...

the layout is hard to follow but it looks interesting

ive heard its going to be launched but this design looks complex

still cant wait!