Thursday, December 18, 2008

Daily Spin 12.18.08

Carowinds has posted new photos of the Carolina Cobra undergoing it's new paint job. I really like the colors, and even in the gloomy looking weather the photos were taken in the ride is really standing out. It seems more and more like this coaster will just be an appetizer for 2010's main course...

New construction photos are also available for Worlds of Fun's new wooden coaster, Prowler on the park's website for the ride. I can only say how amazing this ride looks so many times, so I won't say it again... but I guess I just did. Just check out the photos.

And... Kings Island has also updated their photos for Diamondback. The Cedar Fair parks are really doing a wonderful job of keeping all the fans updated with their new ride projects... Six Flags - are you hearing this?

Six Flags Magic Mountain
is hosting their first New Year's Eve party in a couple weeks, aptly titled Rock'n Ride. Guests can visit the park for the day and then take part in a bunch of special events the park has planned to welcome in 2009. Click here for more details.

Looks like a new Legoland Theme Park is being planned to open in 2013, this time in Malaysia. The park will be a joint effort between Merlin Entertainment and an investment group. Merlin will end up owning 30% of the park. Construction is set to start in 2010.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports on the winner of the EBay auction to win Scout from the former Monster Plantation dark ride at Six Flags Over Georgia. A fan of the ride ended up paying $2,850 to take Scout home, all of which will go to charity.