Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fuga da Atlantide at Garadaland

Yet another reason to love YouTube - for years I've been highly curious about Fuga da Atlantide at Gardaland in Italy, and been hard pressed to find a good POV of the ride. Well not anymore!

The ride was so interesting to me because it was done by Intamin and called a "Super Splash" ride. To my knowledge, they've only ever done this one. I'd love to know why, because this looks like a fantastic replacement for those aging - and quickly being removed - Log Flumes of yesteryear.

The theming on this ride is really top notch, something that Gardaland does well on a regular basis. If you really want the best views click over to YouTube to watch in high quality.

Gardaland's official site has a really nice video as well of the attraction and some more photos. Anyone ever heard anything as to why no more of these ever popped up?