Friday, December 5, 2008

Universal Studios Singapore Update

The official website for Universal Studios Singapore at Resorts World at Sentosa has uploaded new content which provides new details about the currently under construction theme park.

They have added a video update, as well as a new construction photo gallery, both of which are available at this link.

Above shows the building for their Revenge of the Mummy attraction, said to be the first large structure in the theme park to start to go up.

This is a screen cap from the video showing what the facade of the Mummy attraction will look like.

The video also reveals that the park will indeed have a dueling roller coaster ride - one side will be intense with inversions, and the other side will be family oriented and focus on drops and curves, per the park's designers. Both rides will be themed to Battlestar Galactica. Sounds cool!


Jordan Maziarka said...

Don't forget USS is getting the first transformers ride, which opens in 2010.