Monday, December 8, 2008

Check Out Blue Fire

© 2008

Europa Park's new coaster, a launched ride by Mack, is now apparently named Blue Fire, although I never really saw that announced and it's not on the official site yet.

Regardless of its name, the ride is looking more and more awesome each set of new photos I see. has shots of the latest work as the park nearly completes the track for the ride, and theming underneath it is in full swing. It's paint job is pretty rockin' too.

According to the park the coaster is a "combination of dark ride and launch coaster with overhead-elements, innovative seat-/restraint system, and the highest loop in a catapult launch coaster in Europe."

Oh, and if you've seen Zoolander then you know why I think that the name Blue Steel, err, Blue Fire is sorta funny!