Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Six Flags New England '09 Details

Six Flags New England's full 2009 plans have been detailed in this news article, and while no big attractions are planned, the park will have some new offerings for guests.

As we already know, the park will transform their award winning Superman roller coaster by adding new trains, audio, and visual effects as well as a new theme and accompanying paint job.

The park also plans to add a 195 ft. tall thrill ride, the slingshot. This is one of those rides where two people sit in a sort of cage and bungee cords launch them up almost 200 ft. in the air. I'd expect this one to be a pay extra at the park.

The park is also adding a 'pop jet' fountain inside Thomas Town. This is one of those fountains where people and run through it and get soaked on hot days. This is the kind of addition that continues to give me hope for Six Flags as this is not something that they can advertise, or expect revenue from but are adding for the sake of the customers.