Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sabrina's Brochure Spotlight: Six Flags Great Adventure 2000

This week, Bugs Bunny and crew have graciously offered to escort us around the Six Flags Great Adventure of 2000. It was an offer I could not refuse! (Alright, I admit it: I'm simply afraid of talking rabbits. Especially those with time traveling capabilities...)

Back in 2000, Six Flags completed its trifecta of world class parks in New Jersey with the introduction of Hurricane Harbor. This "Mil-LOONEY-um Milestone" filled what one might consider to be the only obvious gap in Great Adventure's offerings. Between the safari, the theme park, and the water park, it truly has become a well-rounded family destination.

Great Adventure's notorious coaster collection had definitely begun to take shape by this point. Wow, did Rolling Thunder really used to look that clean and pretty? Say what you will about that coaster, but personally I think that Rolling Thunder is a lot like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree: Everybody hates on it, but all it really needs is a little TLC! A little track work and a fresh coat of paint could go a long way. Hmmm...Sounds like the perfect project for a chain that's looking to save some cash by reinventing existing rides. Does Mark Shapiro read this blog???

Great Adventure may be best known for its thrill rides, but this is one Six Flags park which does not need to worry so much about "bringing back" the family atmosphere. It's been there all along!

If, after visiting all three parks in the Great Adventure family, you are still bored... Well, there's something wrong with you! But that being said, don't fret because there's still one last chance to get your fix: The entertainment, of course!

I may have a proximity bias, but I happen to think that Great Adventure sports some of the best offerings of all the Six Flags parks. Let's hope that the chain can overcome its current financial crisis so we can continue to enjoy this park and its brethren for many more generations!