Thursday, December 11, 2008

Goodbye Golden Nugget

Morey's Piers has announced that the Golden Nugget Mine ride will not be returning... ever. The attraction has been standing but not operating for years now, but it's future was not determined by the Morey's organization.

If you remember we urged readers to contact Morey's some time ago to let them know that interest in seeing this classic coaster/dark ride open again was high. While the interest was there, and acknowledged by Morey's, it seems the damages of time and many other factors have made it impractical to move or reopen the ride.

Morey's will be holding a ceremony for the ride on January 31st at noon. Fans are welcome to attend and pay their respects before the ride is removed from the pier. While it is sad to know that the ride will be gone forever, it was wonderful of Morey's to handle the removal in this way!