Monday, December 1, 2008

America's First 'Tantrum'

Proslide, designers of the massively popular Tornado waterslides have spawned a new line of slides that combine the best in family rafting with the thrills of their Tornado attractions. Called Tantrum Tornados, only a couple have been built thus far, but in 2009 one will be coming to Magic Waters in Illinois.

I didn't actually know that Magic Waters existed until I started reading about their new slide for 2009, so I wanted to learn more about the park. Looks like a nice waterpark, and it appears to have a masterblaster slide as well.

The waterpark seems to be part of the Park District of Rockford, IL, and as such had public approval for the slide, which lists its price tag as $868,400, interesting to see since waterslide prices are not often quoted.

The slide drops into the tantrum funnel, a smaller, enclosed version of the large Tornado funnels, then continues on its way as a regular water slide. It looks like a lot of fun and I'm sure the slide will draw a lot of attention to Magic Waters come next summer!