Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sabrina's Brochure Spotlight: Kings Dominion 1987

The following brochure is so "well loved" that it was literally falling apart as I tried to scan it! For whatever reason, Kings Dominion in particular really tickled my fancy back in the '80s. Is there a 12-step program for park addictions?

The concept of standing up while riding a roller coaster was still blowing people's minds in the States back in 1987. I, for one, was positively fascinated by it.

Back in the day when having an attached water park was not de rigeur, many parks helped their guests cool down by introducing "dry" water slides such as these. But the times they are a changin', and most of these attractions have since gone the way of the dinosaur.

Well what do you know? Rebel Yell ran both trains forward back then, too! So you see, Kings Dominion has simply returned to its roots. Hey...What's with the wacky blue stuffed animal that kid is holding? Must be related to some cartoon that only old fogies would remember. (I think I had one just like it...)

Kings Dominion has a great mix of rides, shows, and attractions. Sadly, we can no longer enjoy the safari adventure advertised in this particular brochure. (It, too, has gone the way of the dinosaur.) But change is not always a bad thing, and getting rid of the safari has probably helped the park's management to focus more on their core competencies.

Brochures of the '80s were short and sweet, eh? For me, this one was just the right size for a ridiculously busy week before Christmas!