Saturday, February 16, 2008

Voodoo 2.16.08 Update

Here are some photos of Voodoo at Dorney Park from today, the 16th.
This week they put up the rest of launch track and supports. Also, they added another piece of curved track on either end of the ride.

Today they're putting up the station supports. I now have no doubt that they are using the station from when the ride was at Geauga Lake - which is awesome!

A slightly different view. You can see they painted the station steel a dark yellow/gold color.

A wide view of everything that's up so far. They have three of the five station roof-arcs up, but they were still working so more could go up today.

Lastly, a whole lot of the really big supports for the towers are now on site and ready to go! Hopefully these will start to go up next week. I'm sure they'll go fast - they will want to rent the bigger crane they'll need for as short a time as possible.