Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Haunt at Dorney Park Updates

Thanks to some awesome information posted in this thread over at Dorney Park Online, we now know some specifics as to what will be at the Haunt at Dorney Park in 2008.

First, Club Blood will be coming to the park this fall. Club Blood could be seen at other Cedar Fair parks this past fall, and has been around under other names at the original Haunt, Knott's, for years now.

It's supposed to be a much more graphic haunted house than we've seen in the past, featuring a dance club taken over by crazy vampires and the like. It was featured at the Haunt at Kings Island last year, here's a video of it:

According to reports, this Haunt will be located near the exit of White Water Landing, which to me means they'll have to build a structure for it in the maintenance area that's found back there.

Next, apparently the Hydra plaza area will be home to an outdoor Haunt area called "Terror Square."

Third, it was stated that CornStalkers will be added to the park and run from the entrance of Wildwater Kingdom back to the Thunder Canyon area. There's a maintenance road that runs directly in that path, I wonder if it'll be along there.

CornStalkers is an outdoor Haunt that was seen at other parks this past fall as well, for instance Kings Island. The path is lined with tons of corn stalks - and plenty of monsters. Here's a video of this at Kings Island last year:

It's getting exciting!


Anonymous said...

I actually really like the Club Blood idea, it just seems kinda weird as a haunted house. I mean sure it's cool to have a haunted house themed to a nightclub overrun by vampires, but I think they could've have it taken over by zombies or something. It seems kinda racy IMO, and Dorney could hopefully do a better job with putting on this haunt. Good luck to DP!