Friday, February 29, 2008

Great Adventure Shrinking in 2008

Six Flags Great Adventure has posted their 2008 park map on their website. It's now rather ironic that yesterday I posted about how much the park has changed, and now today we see that it's changing a lot again for 2008.

They're basically closing the Old Country section of the park. Guests will enter the Dark Knight from the Movie Town section of the park, the area in front of the Batman Stunt Theater on will be off limits.

The only other attractions left in the Old Country were the bumper cars and a musik express. The showcase theater and batman stunt theater are now listed as special event locations. Basically, they're closing off walkway in red here:

That's a rather nice sized chunk of the park. Though, with Freefall, Chiller, several flats, etc, removed from this area is was pretty much just a nice walkway with tall trees. Maybe it's just a one year thing, and in 2009 it'll open back up with new stuff?

On another note, two more Johnny Rockets are being added to the park, so they'll have 3 this year.