Friday, February 15, 2008

Niagara's Fury: It's a ______!

Oooo, I sure do love a good mystery - and the Table Rock Center at Niagara Falls is certainly providing one right now.

The Table Rock Center is located right on the edge of the falls on the Canadian side of things, and is a part of the Niagara Parks system. Currently, this is where you go to take the Journey Behind the Falls - a walking tour - and can find a welcome center and some shops.

Here's a lovely image of the set-up:

The fairly new Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort is actually located up the hill and to the right of the center in the above photo, so it's not like the building is out in the middle of no where.

Anyway, the Table Rock Center is expanding. A while back we heard rumblings that some sort of ride or attraction would be coming along with some new shops and restaurants. The expansion includes other fun stuff like a "bridge of flowers" that crosses that road in the above picture to get visitors into a clock tower that leads down to the parking area, and a two story observation area.

The point of all this is that something called Niagara's Fury is being added to the complex for this summer. No further info, really, is being given at this time though. They have a webpage up for it, but it's just a teaser at thing point.

Niagara Parks actually put out a press release though, saying that Niagara's Fury is the "biggest thrill, 10,000 years in the making." That's a really long R&D process. The release does say that whatever it is it will be at the brink of the falls, meaning out by the water's edge. That makes me think it'll be a steel ride of some sort... I'm thinking something devious like the rides atop the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas. It has to take advantage of the falls in some way, I'd think.

The release also calls it a "world's only," so it must be something we haven't seen yet... whatever it is I hope it's worth all the mystery and excitement!

What do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

That looks really cool! I just wanna say dude, that even though this isn't the best site ever, I really love it. I think it's the best blog on the web, and I really appreciate the effort! Keep on goin!

NewsPlusNotes said...

Hahaha ... thanks!

Unknown said...

Niagara's Fury revealed!

This looks really amazing, honestly looking forward to checking this out this summer!