Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dorney Park Voodoo 2.5.08 Update

New Voodoo pictures of the ride since it's gone vertical!
Here you can see all the track pieces in the parking lot, as well as the track and supports that are up. Also, you can see the crane that was used to put up the track earlier is now out in the lot.
Lots of big new support pieces have arrived fully painted and ready to go...

Here's a wide view. I wonder if that's the final roof for the electrical room? It's not some really bright color like I would have expected.

Closer view of the big support pieces sitting in the parking lot.

... and another!

Here's a final view that shows the track and stuff that's gone up. You can see the last piece of track up starts to curve upward. This is also a good view of the electrical room.

More as it happens!


Anonymous said...

In the last photo it looks like I can see silver steel for the electrical wires and at Geauga Lake that was the straight section that would hold you for a few seconds. It looks like we might have found which way it will launch and it launched up the twist first.

Mike In Va said...

Finally Voodoo has gone vertical. Dominator at KD has also gone vertical this week with the recent installation of the station track.

Perhaps you wouldn't mind covering Dominator's construction as well? It's getting difficult to wait for coastercrew's monthly updates & CF is too cheap to give KD(the only CF park installing a new ride) a construction page on their official site.

NewsPlusNotes said...

I live in PA so getting pictures of Dominator isn't something I can do... but if anyone out there wants to take a spin past as the ride goes up I'll gladly hose them on NewsPlusNotes!