Thursday, February 28, 2008

1990s Great Adventure Postcards

These are by no means relics or anything, they're really only 12 or so years old, but they do prove quite a point: Six Flags Great Adventure has changed a lot in the last decade(ish).

The Right Stuff. This was back when Simulators were cool just because they were simulators. Plus, Time Warner themed the ride when it was built - I remember standing in the queue when they played the jet roar and wondering if I might have permanent hearing loss.

Then Viper, dear old Viper. Hey it's concept art! Time Warner was always good for some quality concept art... as for Viper itself, well, I got that credit! The first drop was really good, too.

Rolling/Rotting Thunder/Lumber. I'm sorry, it's a really catchy design but it's just rough, and squeaky, and although I was much younger the first time I rode it it's one of a handful of amusement park attractions that made noises that genuinely scared me. (like is this thing falling apart? scared)

And finally we have Stuntman's Freefall. There's nothing like being put in a metal cage, lifted up a tower, then dropped so that you end up on your back. Ahh, memories.

P.S. - No, I have no idea why Porky Pig is 'presenting' Freefall, or why Taz is blocking Rolling Thunder's first drop. Weird.