Friday, February 22, 2008

Six Flags Magic Mountain New Coaster in 2009

In this Los Angeles Daily News article it is mentioned that Six Flags Magic Mountain will be adding a new roller coaster in 2009.

The article covers all that is new for 2008, like X2 and Thomas Town, but also says that a new coaster will come in 2009 which will be more Mark Shapiro's style - which means not a big intense looper like X2.

To me, that screams of a Tony Hawk spinner or a Dark Knight indoor mouse for '09. But that's just my opinion.


Chris said...

The article mentions theming elements being added to the queue. Nice! I'm a little confused on the theme, overall though. The industrial Nitro looking logo conjures up images of a steel mill. It will be very interesting to see what direction they go with this.

Cecilnator said...

The tony hawk makes sense, since it will likely sit onthe site where flashback once did, since its now being dismantled. Funny, Tony hawks become that what-could- sit-on-this-rectangular-slab-of-concrete-where-we-failed-with-another-coaster ride. i.e. it lives on the site at Discovery Kingdom where the short lived Zonga sat. I never got to ride Zonga because it was closed everytime we went(including what was supposed to be its opening day). Hope those spaces aren't really cursed, because Flashback had the same heritage. Closing all the time when you were in line.

NewsPlusNotes said...

Over on ThemeParkReview they have an interview with Mark Shapiro. During the interview Shapiro is talking about their plans to please both thrill seekers and families and said something along the lines of "ya know one year you add a Thomas Town and redo X and then the next year you add a Tony Hawk coaster."

It was just his example for how they'll add things to please everyone but it *really* felt like his train of thought accidentally made him reveal what the 2009 coaster was!

rollercoastergeek said...

I work for Six Flags Magic Mountain and I do know we are getting a new coaster in 09 but it will not be on flashbacks old site they took out flashback because it distracts the lifeguards and they are going to build a new slide there for the harbor. The new coaster will be on psyclone's old site and I also hear its going to be a "Record Breaker" mind you that means almost anything however it will be a sit down coaster.