Friday, February 1, 2008

January Poll Results

Here's a graph of the poll results for January:

Sadly, someone decided to be very not-cool last night and do some ballot stuffing. This caused the total number of votes to go up by well over 100 in a few hours, and the number of votes for Behemoth to go up dramatically.

That said, I used what I remember seeing last night as a guide and manually removed many of those stupid cheater votes for Behemoth and arrived at this:

Which is what I will use when taking a look at the results.

The 2009 Kings Island B&M Hyper Coaster totally came in number one. I'm not surprised. That leaked layout of the ride makes it look pretty awesome, and it's hard not to have a hit on your hands when you build a B&M Hyper.

Speaking of those rides, Behemoth did come in 2nd place. Judging from those construction pictures we've been seeing, I'm again not surprised.

Those were the only two stand-out rides as far as voting went. Voodoo came in third, and California's Great America's 2009 Wooden Coaster was right behind in 4th.

Pony Express, Dominator, and Thunderhawk didn't get much in the way of votes. I think if Knott's had released more detailed info on Pony Express more excitement for the ride would exist.

New poll coming soon, and remember, don't cheat and vote a hundred times, it's just lame.